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  • Q. Is it possible to eat and drink in the tent?
    A. Only drinks are possible.

    Q. Can you make fireworks?
    A. Only handheld fireworks are possible.

    Q. Is there a refrigerator in the tent?
    A. is not.Please use the cooler box((Free rental available)

    Q. Do you have ice?
    A. There is ice for drinks and ice for coolers.

    Q. By what time can BBQ be done?
    A. BBQ is until 21:30.

    Q. What time is the light off time?
    A. It's 22:00.

    Q. Can I have a BBQ even if it rains?
    A. Is possible.There is a covered mesh tarp at each tent site.

    Q. Can I bring in tarps and tents?
    A. You can bring it in.You can install it in the tent site.((Up to 6m x 6m)
      Please contact us for large tents.

    Q. Is there a store near you that you can buy?
    A. ion((About 15-minute drive)
      There is Seiko Mart (about 5 minutes by car).

    Q. Do you have a towel?
    A. Bath towels and hand towels are provided in the room.

    Q. What are the amenities?
    A. Toothbrushes and combs (hairbrushes) are available at the reception.Please bring as much as you need.
      Rinse-in shampoo, body soap and hair dryer are installed in the shower room.

    Q. Is there Wi-Fi?
    A. Wi-Fi is available.Internet is available inside and outside the tent.

    Q. Do I have to bring back the BBQ trash?
    A. You can use the trash can in the facility (multipurpose tent).

    Q. Can you prepare meat other than venison?
    A. We cannot prepare meat other than venison.

    Q. Is it possible to bring in ingredients?
    A. Only possible with a mealless plan.

    Q. Is it possible to tour the surrounding ranch?
    A. It is possible to see and shoot from a certain distance, but avoid contact such as touching a horse.

    Q. Is there a bus to the hot spring facility?
    A. There is a shuttle car on site.Pick-up and drop-off is limited to Shizunai Onsen and customers with plan with hot spring tickets.Please let us know your time in advance.

    Q. Where is the neighborhood hot spring?
    A. Shizunai Onsen (about 5 minutes by car), Niikappu Onsen (about 20 minutes by car), and Mitsuishi Onsen (about 22 minutes by car).

    Q. What are the check-in and check-out times?
    A. Check-in time is 15:00 and check-out time is 10:00.

    Q. Can I bring my pet?
    A. Currently, there are no plan that allow pets.

    Q. Is it possible to make cashless payments locally?
    A. Credit card (Visa, Mastercard) ID,Transportation IC card,d payment,paypay,
      You can pay by LINE pay, aupay, etc.

    Q. Is it possible to have a day trip BBQ?
    A. There is currently no day trip BBQ plan.Currently under consideration.