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Facility information

School facilities

  • School facilities
    ・Table tennis room
    ・music room((Free room)

    Available time
    Until 10 pm, the next day from 8 am

    *If other customers are waiting, we will use the school facilities for up to 1 hour in a row.

  • music room

    The music room (free room) has musical instruments such as piano, organ, and xylophone, darts, and soccer board.

    A microwave, electric kettle and hot drinks are also available on campus.
    Feel free to use it during your stay.
  • Table tennis room

    You can use it at any time during the time.

Outdoor facility

  • Outdoor facility
    ・Each tent site((Accommodation tent,BBQ tent)
    ・Multipurpose tent((Kitchen)
    ・Sauna,Goemon bath
  • Shower room,Wash basin
    【Shower room and washbasin】
    2 rooms

    You can use it for 24 hours.
  • Toilet((Western style faucet)
    【Outdoor toilet】
    2 rooms for women
    1 room for men
    Combined room 1
  • Ice for cooler box

    We have prepared ice for the cooler box.
    Please feel free to use it.