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  • dinner menu

    Dinner is a meat platter including Mitsuishi beef and venison, and a barbecue of fresh vegetables.

    Content:Mitsuishi beef, venison, chicken, bone-in sausage, vegetables, white rice

    The staff will prepare the charcoal, start the fire and clean up.

    *Meal content is subject to change.
    *The photo is for 2 people.

    Local rare brand beef "Mitsuishi Beef』
    The meat of Mitsuishi beef is tender, with sweet fat and superb flavor.

    Ezo deer, a local game game, has no peculiarities and is soft and light.Meat similar to the lean meat of beef can be enjoyed by anyone.

    Assorted fresh vegetables from Hokkaido.((We provide vegetables harvested at the same facility during the harvest from summer to autumn.)
  • Breakfast

    Hot sandwiches are available for breakfast.
    Ingredients will be provided, so guests will have to prepare their own breakfast.

    Content:Bread,cheese,ham,Salad,Raw egg,Yogurt,apple juice,Coffee

    *Contents are subject to change.
    *The photo is for 2 people.